Visibility and return: The keys in the digital strategy of these 4 companies in the tourism industry

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Think with Google, a project that shares data, analysis, knowledge, news and updates on digital marketing, shared on this occasion how a brand can increase reach and maximize engagement by converting users into new customers . & nbsp; & nbsp; To do this, it presents the case of four companies belonging to the tourism industry , which have implemented innovative ideas in terms of digital communication and thus obtaining positive results in anticipation of a new holiday season.

1. Aeroméxico 

The Mexican flag carrier aimed to enhance its competitiveness by optimizing technology to anticipate the intentions of consumers.

In particular, took advantage of a temporary event such as a new edition of ‘El Buen Fin’ , a commercial event that takes place every year in Mexico during a weekend in the month of November. This day includes the promotion of products and services of various companies in order to promote trade. Just as it is a time of high consumption for the Mexican market, it is also considered a highly challenging event since there is a high demand for responses and customer services.

“It achieved positive results at a time of high dynamism and constant rate changes. For this, he designed a plan that combined different tools: Google Trends , Display 360 Video , Google Analytics 360 , Double Click Studio and Google Web Designer and especially Search Ads 360 .”

The process consisted of five phases: first, generating knowledge about promotions and discounts; second, focusing on the ads reaching interested audiences; third, reminders about the end of the event; fourth, give a new opportunity to those who did not get to take advantage of the date . In general terms, as results from the El Buen Fin event, Aeromexico generated 52% more conversions, to a CPA 45% lower than last season.

2. TurismoCity

TurismoCity, the site metasearch engine that brings together travel and tourism offers and services present in more than fifteen Latin American countries, continually presents updated information on how to get cheap flights to popular destinations. Indeed, to achieve its objectives hypersegmentation is essential in the search path.

In this way, the mission of TurismoCity implied the desire to return as the protagonist, transforming sailors into consumers. Thus, it strengthened the connection with people interested in tourist destinations and, at the same time, maximized the arrival of users with more proclivity to make conversions from call to action.

“To enhance the impact of their online videos, they chose TrueView for Action: the YouTube tool that allows you to incentivize actions relevant, such as driving conversions or increasing the number of unique visitors to your web pages. In this way, TurismoCity generated specific creatives for the fifteen destinations with the highest number of searches on its site within Argentina and added personalized audiences based on intention.”


Discovering this world of digital communication, we can determine that a large part of the success of a campaign is based on generate an effective connection with potential customers, providing useful information during the tour online:

A good digital strategy includes video. In this context, LATAM went to YouTube to promote a series of destinations in different points of the region. The objective was to understand the importance of micromoments in the browsing journey of purchase and impact them with personalized video pieces . 258 moments were identified as opportunities for impact. Thanks to the Director Mix tool, 258 versions of a base video were created. This made it possible to switch text, image or audio automatically according to the playback context, and transmit different information or feelings about different destinations to each audience.

This is how, in countries like Argentina and Peru, the digital strategy used resulted in an increase in the recall of 23% higher ad compared to the average YouTube campaign. & nbsp;

If you want to know more about LATAM’s strategy, you will find it available at this article.

4. Platform 10

This Argentine company specialized in the sale of bus tickets, sought to increase bus ticket sales without altering its ROI. The brand’s effort aimed both to take care of the bond that exists with its consumers and to attract new ones.

The challenge was to efficiently impact the audiences that most interested him: people who travel to different destinations in Argentina and also those who had already entered its website. And the best way was to reach all the screens users are on with their value proposition. Thus, visibility, personalization and scale were the keys to the impact with positive results . The tool? Discovery Campaigns . And the central spaces, YouTube Home Feed and Gmail.

By way of results, Platform 10 managed to optimize its advertising investment and deliver relevant ads in the different points of contact that travelers go through before making a purchase.

To learn more about this campaign, don’t miss the full note .

In conclusion, and following the statistics that indicate that 48% of consumers discover brands and / or information relevant to their interests while they are browsing to fulfill other purposes , for companies an online presence that brings together and generates connection with users in an immediate context such as the digital world is extremely important.

Intriper Travel Media
Intriper Travel Media
Somos especialistas en el desarrollo y gestión de contenidos nativos y de alto impacto​ para empresas de viajes, destinos turísticos y marcas afines.
Intriper Travel Media
Intriper Travel Media
Somos especialistas en el desarrollo y gestión de contenidos nativos y de alto impacto​ para empresas de viajes, destinos turísticos y marcas afines.

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