MashUps of Argentina: Nature and culture of national destinations through sounds

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There are many landscapes that, although we do not know them personally, we know how to identify them from images that we have seen passing between books, television and social networks. For many places, sight plays a huge role in making associations. And, as the popular saying goes, images are worth a thousand words to us. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

But… could you recognize the sounds that characterize the most important tourist places in the world? That was our challenge for Argentina. & nbsp;

In a production job for the Secretary of Tourism of Argentina , from Intriper Travel Media We generate content according to your digital strategy in order to show and publicize the natural and cultural wealth of the country to promote receptive tourism. For this, the proposal consisted of registering, in many ways, each national destination that empowers the country: from touch, from nature and from cultural expression. The result consisted in the realization of 6 MashUps, a new trend in music that comprises a genre that arises from the combination of two or more musical themes forming a kind of collage . On this occasion, the elements to be merged represented the small sounds of nature and the culture of each part of the country.

This is how, in the first place, six destinations were chosen for the recreation of their most emblematic sounds: the region of the Puna, Iguazú, the city of Buenos Aires, Patagonia, Snow destinations and Mendoza. Intriper Travel Media was in charge of the selection of sounds, noises and melodies that gave an account of the main attributes and attractions of Mashup Snow, Mashup Buenos Aires and Mashup Patagonia.

A Buenos Aires is represented by sounds such as a street murga, a radio in search of a good tune, the tango music that emerges from neighborhoods like Caminito or a spoon striking a cup of coffee, a porteño ritual par excellence with the presence of numerous and emblematic bars.

To show the attractiveness of a destination thanks to the snow , the sounds comprised scenes such as zipping up a warm jacket, skiing in one of the most important ski resorts in the country and hitting snowballs. And as for Patagonia , the sounds that give life to this region in the south of Argentina are characterized by the footfall in the snow, the sounds of the road, and a beer that opens – making nod to the fact that this is one of the most important areas in which this drink is made.

The edition consisted of the fusion and superposition of all those sounds to create a sequence that would account for of a particular rhythm and melody for each destination .

Still, nothing we can tell you about this production is equivalent to what you will feel when you hear the final result . Next, the 6 mashup productions to enjoy and fall in love with Argentina:

Intriper Travel Media
Intriper Travel Media
Intriper Travel Media
Intriper Travel Media

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