Contest ‘Hotels more Greens’ brought its brand closer to the tourist public through an alliance with Intriper

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The Sustainable Hotel Competition – Argentina 2019 recognizes and rewards hotel establishments and the best innovative ideas that integrate the principles of sustainability in the value chain of the country’s hotel industry.

This is a nationwide contest that aims to promote eco-innovation and environmental management of the hotel industry as an opportunity for improvement and a differentiating factor in the tourism market ; promote the development of projects in the hotel and tourism industry that integrate environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Thus, by disseminating good practices and the Sustainable Management Standard in the hotel and tourism sector in Hotels; They estimate to recognize and reward within the framework of Hotelga those best initiatives and projects, practices and management models of hotel sustainability.

By way of concrete lines of action, the Sustainable Hospitality Contest presents two categories: “Actions that create history” and “ Innovative ideas”. On the one hand, “Actions that create history” is an action aimed at hotels that want to expose the good actions they have implemented in their hotels through a story that motivates and inspires . As an innovative initiative, it was told through a video and voted on social networks .

On the other hand, “Innovative ideas” is aimed at students who present works applicable to the hotel industry and that consider environmental and social sustainability criteria , as well as possible communication actions. In this way, throughout continuous editions for about 8 years, tourism sustainability has been promoted within the country, which is why it is estimated that each year the “Greenest Hotels Contest” reaches a desired point of maturity.

The challenge of Intriper Travel Media consisted of promoting the action of the ‘Sustainable Hotel Contest – Argentina 2019’, from a communication and dissemination of the proposals in a simple way but at the same time with impact and great scope, being able to summon the new generations and those who are linked to the promotion of sustainability but did not know the work carried out by Hoteles más Verdes.

In the words of Eng. Emiliano Mastelli, Technical Coordinator of the Greenest Hotels Program, “the Hotels contest Más Verdes is a dissemination tool, so we needed it to reach all destinations more and better. In the beginning, our clients as a Program were hotels and hotel workers. Once the hotels begin their implementation and certification work, our client becomes the tourist, so it was important to make the brand known , and at this time also outside the country”.

For years, in Intriper we have established ourselves as a digital medium that works actively in the generation of content innovative, curious and socially relevant associated with travel and places in the world , thus creating a community audience of travelers. Indeed, the work proposal by Intriper Travel Media consisted of the creation of a promotional campaign for the launch of the ‘ Sustainable Hotel Contest – Argentina 2019 ‘ targeting as a public to hotels in Argentina and students. This is how the development of a landing page was carried out that would disseminate the participation mechanics of the two specific actions, and that would show the winning cases of the previous year and the testimonies of participants of the 2018 edition. content was replicated with redirection to that link on social networks and digital channels such as the website and Newsletters.

“The new participation format was very necessary for to be able to leave an event in a room or a press release to reach social networks . In addition, the lack of time for the participants made that, by simplifying the way to send the works and defining how we make it visible, they feel more seduced to participate ”. Emiliano Mastelli

In fact, a new format of content and online distribution has helped to make visible and infect other hotels and entrepreneurs being, among the most notable results a number of participants that doubled the number of applicants from the previous year.

Everything mentioned above would have been impossible without Intriper, not only because of the company format and its products but because of the professionalism of his team. From the first meetings without knowing that we would end up working together in our contest, I already saw that in Intriper we had a partner who would help us strengthen our brand, who had something that we needed … Being able to count in the format in which our proposals are communicated today reaching more and better our target audience . It is undoubtedly a great success for us to be able to work together with Santi and his team”.

About Greener Hotels Program

It is also important to mention that the Greener Hotels Program is the result of the work carried out by the Association of Tourism Hotels of the Argentine Republic (AHT). It is a program validated by the Argentine Institute for Standardization and Certification (IRAM), being the first accredited body to verify compliance with the Greener Hotels Certification Standard, and has with the recognition and sponsorship of the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation. .

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