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Palladium Hotel Group is a firm belonging to a Spanish hotel group. This brand aims to design the most exclusive accommodations where luxury, quality and the best service are the main pillars. Their first steps were in the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. In the early 90's their continued their adventure with the opening of several resorts in the Caribbean. Their trajectory continued to advance strongly, inaugurating hotels in the best destinations in the world: Spain, Italy, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica and Brazil.
For the year 2012, the firm decides to renew its company image by becoming the Palladium Hotel Group, which takes the name of its five-star resorts in the Caribbean. The objective is to transmit a corporate philosophy based on excellence and high quality standards in addition to its desire to progress and increase its international projection.
In this way, Palladium Hotel Group is created to clearly define the direction of a new stage where the client and human capital will be identified as the group's priority.
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Go along with Palladium Hotel Group in the proposal to position ‘Palladium Week’ as attractive to potential clients.
This initiative included a week of incredible discounts and promotions to book accommodation in the best proposals for All Inclusive hotels and luxury resorts in American destinations.


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For the planning and assembly of this proposal, the products to be promoted based on the interest of Palladium Hotel Group were taken into account. Based on the selection of destinations, the objective of Intriper Travel Media was to reinforce the attraction to the offers by emphasizing the vacation proposal in those selected paradisiacal places that travelers can find in America.Y, por supuesto, a su vez se destacó la calidad de atención y exclusividad de servicios que Palladium Hotel Group ofrece a sus visitantes tanto con la marca Grand Palladium Hotels & Resorts como de TRS Hotels,una novedosa propuesta de resorts de lujo pensados sólo para adultos. La estrategia utilizada comprendió la publicación de una publinota en asociada a Semana Palladium; la distribución de la adaptación del contenido en los espacios sociales de Intriper (Facebook, Instagram y Twitter); Video Story Ads sponsoreadas por Palladium Hotel Group para derivar tráfico a la landing page con ofertas; el envío de un newsletter con la presencia de Semana Palladium como información destacada
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