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logo de medellín travel is the Official Travel Guide of Medellín. It comprises a tourism promotion tool owned by the Municipality of Medellín, the capital of the mountainous province of Antioquia in Colombia. From Medellí , information, resources and services are offered in an easy and integrated way to solve travel needs in the renowned ‘City of Eternal Spring’.
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Antioquia and its capital Medellín are some of the most visited destinations by travelers arriving in Colombia. The culture that has developed there, its colorful houses and the warmth of its people are some of the main reasons that make this destination a perfect place.


Show and make known with the public of Intriper the true essence of Medellín and the places that can be visited.


According to what was established in conjunction with Medellí, our work was dedicated to promoting the most important places, events, traditions and customs that make Medellín a true tourist attraction for the traveling public.

Both the tourism promotion content action and the contest action were directed to the user public belonging to the Intriper community on digital platforms.
In the second case, the proposal consisted not only of spreading the word about the Flower Fair as a local cultural event, but the objective was established in order to achieve interaction and conversion: to participate in an all-inclusive trip to Medellín they had to make and send Intriper a video in which they told the reason why they had to be chosen as a beneficiary.


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