National Institute of Tourism Promotion

National Institute of Tourism Promotion

Positioning of Argentina as a tourist destination
Inprotur is the National Institute for Argentine Tourism Promotion . It is formed as a public-private entity and is the body responsible for the international tourism promotion of Argentina. Its purpose is to position the country as an international tourist destination in the issuing markets. In this way, its main tasks are to design and execute plans, programs and actions for the promotion and positioning of tourism at an international level.
The project.
Production of audiovisual content
Social Media
Digital Marketing
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Position Argentina as a destination at an international level, through digital strategies that evoke its main tourist attractions.


Through the intervention of a logistics and creativity team, tasks of production and development of audiovisual pieces and graphic content were carried out according to communication on digital platforms. In turn, digital marketing actions were planned to promote respective campaigns through social networks and adverts available on informational portals.
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Production & development of audiovisual content

according to communication on digital platforms

Social media

Digital Marketing Actions

Promotion on social networks and adverts on informational portals.

12 hours of night
Buenos Aires

This production is an unparalleled invitation to know in real time what the night in Buenos Aires is like and all that it means and represents. Through From the eyes of 7 tourists, Intriper Travel Media worked together with Visit Argentina in the documentation of more than 70 places and experiences in Buenos Aires.

Platforms and the rhythm of life lead us to watch 15-second videos, which we even didn’t even finish watching many times before moving on to another. The BA night is just the opposite: something eternal, almost endless. The only way to convey it authentically was in a piece that showed it in near real time. No one has ever made (or at least published) a video in this format. There are no real videos on Youtube (no loops) , continuous, showing a destination or activity in a duration of 12 hours.

After working on the destination, the night, the offer of activities and places, and who would accompany us, we knew that the challenge in technical and logistical terms was going to be great. To carry it out, we are looking for tourists willing to accompany us on endless nights and show between 10 and 15 activities and places per night.

The edition was carried out in stages and took many days of selecting takes, music and audios, which allowed us to experience the most real how tourists experience the night of Buenos Aires. For this, an audiovisual production team filmed 12 hours, for many days, and with more than 6 cameras (in different formats) and a host of accessories that allowed: backupear , have content safe, have batteries, lights, microphones. All this in the most varied areas, even when entering a disco at rush hour …

Undoubtedly, a challenge to move around the city in record time to be able to register that adrenaline rush of going from a pre to a bar to a disco, from there to an after, from There for breakfast, passing by friends’ houses, restaurants and endless places. The night was organized based on several criteria: what works best according to each schedule, and which places are frequented by different audiences: this is how outdoor activities, after office, gastronomy, beer halls, wineries, bars, discos, etc. were recorded. cultural centers, recitals, milongas, shows, art galleries, walks, football, folklore, parties, getting together with friends, barbecues, previews, after, breakfasts.

Feel small at Patagonia Argentina

17.000 km of continental ice

The immensity of the Perito Moreno Glacier , in the province of Santa Cruz, is one of the experiences that made Joaquín find something truly impressive. Belonging to the ice masses that make up Los Glaciares National Park , it is one of the most important drinking water reserves in the world with around 17,000 kilometers of Patagonian continental ice </ b >.

For this experience we sought to bring one of the tallest people in Argentina. Joaquín plays basketball in Atenas Córdoba, and is the highest in his league. The video has been titled as “ Feel tiny in Argentine Patagonia ”, because in fact the images reflect the great dimensions of a landscape where we would all feel minimal. This is how, under the production of Intriper Travel Media, the Secretariat of Tourism of Argentina carried out a series of audiovisual actions under the concept of « Discover your nature «. In this way, the invitation to travel in Argentina is not only about discovering new and admirable landscapes, but also about discovering yourself in the face of new experiences.

The truth is that Joaquín is tall, in fact he is taller than the average height of the world population. He’s tall to sit in an airplane seat, he’s tall to go through a door, and he’s even tall to take a picture with friends. But, oddly enough, there are also contexts and places where Joaquín can feel small and that was the objective of the tourism promotion campaign for Argentina.