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On behalf of the German federal government, the German National Tourist Board (identified as the German National Tourist Board or abbreviated as GNTB) has been working internationally to promote Germany as a travel destination for more than 60 years . Its mission is, neither more nor less, than to communicate the diverse attractiveness of the country to a world market , thus promoting a strong and compelling brand: ‘Destination Germany’.
In this way, GNTB plays an important role in promoting Germany as a travel destination on the international market . Its main activities include the development of new marketing strategies and concepts based on specific themes, events and attractions. It is also possible to appreciate the optimization of the various marketing activities of the partners in the German travel industry.
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The GNTB plays an active role in the form of far-reaching sales activities in new growth markets. Therefore, among its commercial objectives are: to increase the volume of tourist traffic; boost foreign currency income; strengthen Germany's profile as a business location.


Position Germany as a diverse and attractive travel destination.


Diffusion y promotion of the hidden and little known places of Germany


Diffusion y promotion of the most emblematic places of the country.


Intriper Travel Media's proposal consisted of planning and managing actions for interaction with the public, calling on the tourist attraction of Germany. To do this, a picnic was organized with the gastronomic influencer @elgordococina : the chosen location was the Chinese Tower (Chinesischer Turm) in the heart of the Munich English Garden (Englischer Garten). In turn, we ran raffles on Intriper's social networks and took monitor the campaign.


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