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Production and development of graphic content
Costa Cruceros is an Italian cruise line, based in Genoa, Italy. It has 27 ships in service and currently operates worldwide, providing services on routes in the Mediterranean Sea, Northern Europe, the Baltic Sea, the Caribbean, North and Central America, South America, the United Arab Emirates, the Indian Ocean, the Far East and Africa.
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For Costa Cruceros, innovation plays a fundamental role and we face this challenge in an unprecedented, playful and entertaining way,


Let to known to the Argentine market travel proposals along the Mediterranean routes
ilustración de barco


ilustracion de aplicacion

Proposal and Product idea

Design and development of an experience aboard a cruise touring the Mediterranean Sea

ilustración de contenido interactivo

Costa Experience in Mediterranean Sea

Responsive interactive portal created together with Illustrators, Designers and Developers.

Social media

Digital Marketing

promotion social networks and adverts campaings available on info websites.

Enjoy the European summer with Costa Cruceros

We designed an animated website for which traveler profiles were taken into account representing all the public invited to live a vacation on board a cruise ship: couples, families, friends. At the same time, from the illustration we recreate the scenes of the experiences that tourists can witness, such as the possibility of knowing many destinations without the need to assemble and disassemble the suitcase, an exclusive service with restaurants and bars with different themes, casino and spa as only a cruise can offer, or the landing in one of the most emblematic beaches of the old continent.

Then specific travel products were also promoted for the Greek Islands, the Mediterranean, the Greek Islands and the Balearic Islands. Each of the boards that made up the web featured a call to action that invited users to read more about what was being told to them. In this way, it was linked to graphic notes that were published on and that gave an account of the first-person experiences that can be lived on a cruise. In the case of the presentations that showed and illustrated the most significant destinations that Costa Cruises offered, a button was applied linking to a booking link.
In line with this proposal, we developed content for journalistic / informative notes, which would give an account of the benefits of booking a cruise vacation.

As a result, on the one hand, a certain audience was captured with visits to the page; and, on the other hand, a number of users was reached from the visibility of the content distributed by Intriper’s digital channels (website, social networks and sending Newsletters).



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