Intriper Content Lab: how to make what brands want to tell attractive to the audience

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Online marketing: art or science? & nbsp; Is everything creativity, imagination , art and Design? Is everything analysis, data and numbers?

The reality, and what makes it more interesting, is that online marketing has some art and some science.

Obviously requires & nbsp; a lot of hard information , things to measure, to understand, size and analyze. On the basis of empirical evidence, information, data, many concrete actions can be studied, understood and defined. Numbers are allies and the results of what we do, measurable and defensible. Understand who our audience is, how they behave, what attracts them and draws their attention

But it’s also art. It takes & nbsp; the artistic side & nbsp; to inspire, challenge and connect. It is the artistic part that mobilizes, the one that surprises. The one that deals with emotions, with challenges, with what is new and different. How to excite her, amuse her, surprise her or be useful to her.

At Intriper we understand that this mix will allow audiences to be interested and want to hear what brands want to communicate, through a story that is attractive. For that, science and art are combined in the Content Lab, a space for analysis, strategy, design, innovation, new ideas, games, where we work together with our advertisers in new formats, stories and content that are not only curious, but also reflect the objectives of the campaigns.

We speak with Cecilia Bersuker , Costa Cruises Marketing Coordinator about some of the actions that Intriper has carried out in conjunction with the shipping company.

The challenge was to generate attractive content about our European products for the public that has already traveled on one of our routes to Brazil, and also attract to those who never dared to go on a cruise.

With Intriper we work together on creativity and differentiation of pieces according to the audiences. From there several actions arose: interactive landing, notes and campaigns in Intriper. and audiovisual productions on board.

The results were very well received by the company, we achieved a great reach about the segments we were looking for and even conversions and a database to later strengthen sales.

How did the idea of ​​working with Intriper come about?

Intriper is a tourism platform that really highlights the destinations, experiences, offers from another perspective.
We thought it was a perfect option for our cruise product. Where we offer many and varied experiences on board, dream vacations with family, friends, partner or alone.
The idea of ​​working with Intriper arises from the search for a different and creative production. A way to show and tell about our product from the experience and magic of vacationing on a cruise ship

How is working with Intriper?

The experience of working with Intriper was fantastic. The team of professionals works from the creation of ideas to the production of the material. Always with innovative ideas and eager to create material that highlights the company’s message.

If you want to know how we work or send us proposals, you can do so at

Santiago Cravero Igarza
Santiago Cravero Igarza
Santiago Cravero Igarza
Santiago Cravero Igarza

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