Germany chooses Intriper Travel Media as an ally to enhance the reach of the ReforestARG campaign

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The campaign ReforestARG, promoted by the tourist destination Germany, consisted of an action to plant 100 new native trees in Argentine Patagonia. Intriper’s proposal as a producer of content and dissemination of initiatives through the website consisted of making known about said action with its user community.

For this measure, we aimed to offset the carbon footprint, from Intriper the public was invited to participate to be the godfather of a tree. Indeed, the first 100 people who completed a form included in the advertising note would be selected as the future godparents of the trees planted by the tourist destination Germany.

This reforestation action was accompanied by Madzen, comprehensive marketing agency for tourism in Latin America, together with Bioguía, the largest digital community in Latin America of the new sustainable culture and Friends of Patagonia, an organization without profit in Patagonia that seeks to contribute to the dissemination of the problems facing the environment.

In alliance, these organizations proposed to the tourism community a joint action to combat climate change. From Intriper we believe that this scenario should concern and occupy us as travelers more and more.

By way of presentation, this project had a space in the BioFeria, an event that offers“ the greatest green experience ”in Argentina. The brands that have participated in this carbon footprint compensation action were also visibly there. *BioFeria has established itself as a massive event that transmits a sustainable lifestyle and aligned with responsible consumption .

Intriper Travel Media
Intriper Travel Media
Intriper Travel Media
Intriper Travel Media

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