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Intriper Travel Media Group is a multiplatform media and advertising company. For years we’ve been working on the generation and distribution of content that audiences are interested in reading and sharing about.

Every story we tell, every brand we build, and every interaction we create must not only look perfect, it must also feel and function perfectly.

At Intriper Travel Media we help companies and destinations to implement digital marketing strategies aimed at optimizing, communicating and promoting. We’re always looking to increase current reach and reach new audiences. All this we achieve it by developing stories that inspire and convert.

Mario Alza

Mario Alza

Mario is a professional in tourism and, for more than 15 years, he has specialized and worked in the field of digital marketing with a strong specialization in the travel industry.

Co-founder of Intriper, Mario is also passionate about search engine marketing, organic positioning, display advertising and branded content. Since then, Mario has been working hard to achieve the best engagement between brands and users.

Santiago Cravero

Santiago Cravero

Santiago has been a consultant and entrepreneur in Online Marketing for more than 15 years. Passionate about technology and Marketing, since then he has specialized in Branded Content, Creativity and Audiovisual Production for tourist destinations and organizations related to tourism, mainly.

He is co-founder at Intriper, the leading travel media content in Latin America, and has a mission: to connect brands with their users and customers.